We enable you to make informed decisions for your pipeline & drainage assets. Pipeline Technology Services has two main closed circuit television inspection systems depending upon pipe size. Our experienced technicians provide a detailed description of your drainage assets so you can clearly see which sections of pipe work require maintenance and make informed decisions.


Mainline CCTV Tractor System
The tractor is used in pipes from 150mm and larger drains with access points. The rotational view camera head can be mounted in front of the tractor (for small pipes) or built up on arms to allow centralisation of the camera in larger pipes.


The cable rewind reel is fully motorised to allow rapid retrieval resulting in more metres surveyed per hour than manual methods. A sonde transmitter can be attached allowing pinpoint location of the tractor including the pipe depth. We often then mark on the surface hidden junction boxes or damaged pipe work & or provide detailed drawings and surveyed details, for later identification or remedial work.


Our tractor system is mounted within a vehicle allowing the operator and the client to view the interior of the pipe in the comfort and safety of an air-conditioned office environment.


On screen text display provides full survey details and an accurate counter indicates the distance traveled within the pipe. The tractor can travel up to 300 meters from the start point in one continuous run saving costly time in relocating the vehicle.


Micro Camera System
For CCTV surveys or inspections in drains 100mm or smaller, this small straight view colour camera is used. It is also used where access is limited to inspection points. The camera unit can view up to 100 metres and with high output lighting and variable focus, provides detailed internal images.


WinCan is an easy-to-use reporting package that gives professional, clear and concise reports, which can be customised to your needs. We can include photographs captured directly from the survey video and record short video clips to help provide evidence of incidents such as water ingress. WinCan also offers detailed analysis and reporting of defects plus the ability to do post-rehabilitation surveys. “Before” and “After” photographs can be printed out together as evidence that repairs have been carried out correctly.