To detect stormwater discharge by visual inspection is a time consuming job with the disadvantage that below ground connections are not detected.


A simple solution to detecting illegal stormwater connections is smoke testing.


Smoke Testing Procedure
Smoke is generated by a fog machine and introduced down the pipe by a motorised blower unit. Natural venting of the system draws this smoke to various openings and smoke will even penetrate up through the ground if a shallow pipe is broken etc. The smoke emitting from a downpipe or stormwater sump is clear evidence of an illegal connection.


The smoke used is a non-residual thermal fog with virtually no carbon monoxide and can safely be used for testing sewer and stormwater drains. This smoke has no toxic components.


Dye Testing
Dye testing is an alternative to smoke testing for detecting illegal stormwater entry to sewerage effluent schemes. Our technicians use a soluble dye to track, locate and confirm illegal connections and infiltration points.