Major suburban shopping centre experiencing regular blockages in major tenancy toilets. CCTV to view pipes and establish position and cause of blockage. Badly scaled cast iron pipes were found to be the problem. Pipes descaled utilising specialised sewer pipe cleaning tool, currently the most effective on the market. Relatively quick and inexpensive solution of the problem; prevented costly dig up & replacement of pipes; minimal disruption to tenancy business.


Blocked drains in schools. CCTV to view pipes and establish position and causes of blockage. Dependant on the causes, pipes are cleaned, repaired or pipe rehabilitation.


Major city hospital with regular blockages in pipe work. Cast iron pipe work coming out of the bottom of a multi storey building was badly scaled and causing blockages. Pipes were descaled and relined. Relatively quick and inexpensive solution restoration of services to acceptable standards for hygiene and bacteria control. Replacement of pipe not possible without major disruption and cost.


Major franchise fast food chain with a broken underfloor. Confined Space Entry to void beneath underfloor to ground.


Christies Beach, West Beach, Glenelg Pump Stations. Confined Space Entry to Conventional Pump Stations to remove silt and debris from pump chambers.


Olympic Dam, Roxby Downs Far North SA – CCTV inspection of pipework.


Ongoing service to Government and Semi government for 24/7 sewer blockages;
Councils – sewer, storm water, CCTV inspections, Gross Pollutant Trap cleaning ongoing


Small and large residential buildings, Individual domestic homes, Retirement villages, High rise Apartment buildings Leak detection in domestic houses utilising listening devices. Can pinpoint water leaks without the expensive and disruptive alternative of digging up driveways or demolishing walls.


Cultural & recreational
Major Council Public Swimming Pools. Significant water loss from pool recognised from water meter readings. Joint venture with Smith Brothers Plumbing Construction division to reline and sleeve the existing host pipes under the pool by Pipeline and repair and replace pipe work surrounding the pool. Significant savings – otherwise would have to demolish and rebuild the base the pool.


Port Augusta Hospital – CCTV to investigate leaks; Port Augusta Gaol – desludging septic tank and sewerage ponds.


Daguragu Aboriginal Community, 500 Km SW of Katherine Northern Territory. Viewed & cleaned sewerage system which had never been serviced before due to isolation of community.


Shopping Centre Sydney NSW. Total electronic scan of shopping centre car park to assist engineers in design of new buildings. Using GPR to find services for design and construction of new Cairns Airport.


Milang – unblocking pipe work in milling factory. Factory floor was flooding, hygiene and bacteria control issue. 2 ½ hr from Adelaide.


Case Study: Burnside Council Swimming Pool
Problem with leaking pipes under the Olympic sized council pool. Estimated cost to rebuild – $5m.The solution that Pipeline Technology Services in conjunction with Smith Brothers Construction division offered was less than $1m. PTS were able to reline the leaking pipes located under the pools without the need to demolish the pool base and rebuild; SBP Construction replaced pipes outside of pool leading to plant room. Re-lining costs compared to traditional open trench excavation methods, are competitive. Re-lining can be significantly cost effective when factoring in other costs such as disruption to services, paving and damage to the surrounding environment. This innovative method of rehabilitating swimming pools resulted in the emergency relining of the Noarlunga Council Civic Pool which had burst pipes under the pool structure.