Years of research in America and Europe has proven high velocity water jetting to be the safest and most efficient method of stormwater and sewer cleaning. A problem, however, has always remained in the removal and disposal of back-flushed debris. The solution is to utilise a Combination Hydrojet/Vacuum Units.


Combination Hydrojet/Vacuum Units operate by utilising high pressure high volume water produced by a pump propelling a specially designed nozzle with rear thrust jets connected to a lightweight hose.


Upon placing the nozzle and hose in the pipe the water drives the nozzle along the drain blasting loose debris and back flushing it to the access point. The vacuum recovery system is then employed to vacuum up the debris and store it within the collector body.


A unique feature of the Combination Hydrojet/Vacuum Units is its ability to de-water on-site, draining off excess water leaving the solids and silt remaining in the debris tank. This is a large cost saving to the client, whereby only debris and not water based products are sent for disposal or treatment.


Pipeline Technology Services’ Combination Hydrojet/Vacuum Units feature the world’s most advanced hose reel and boom assembly, with unequaled safety features. The units are fully self-contained, each carrying their own water supply Approximately 12 tonnes of debris can be held in the collection tank.



Pipeline Technology Services offer straight Hydrojet units for sewer cleaning and smaller stormwater cleaning tasks.


The units available include:

  • Trailer mounted units – to clean pipe work from 100mm diameter upwards. Hydrojet – fitted with the same high pressure (2000psi) pump as our Jet Vac Unit.
  • Hot Water Hydrojet Unit – fully self-contained with a hot water boiler for degreasing fatted lines and small pipe work cleaning.


Specialised Tools

At Pipeline Technology Services we have invested substantially in research and development to provide specialised drain cleaning attachments for our equipment ranging from sand bombs, hydraulic root saws, chain flails and bottom cleaning nozzles for cost efficient cleaning.


“Our fleet includes the largest and most powerful Water Recycling Combination units available in Australia.”